About Me

Hannah Connor


I’m Hannah Connor, and I am a Western New Yorker with a passion for adventure! My interests include:

Traveling with my little family

Training and competing in Kickboxing/ Mixed Martial Arts

Total immersion in nature. There is a spiritual stimulation that only the great outdoors can provide me!

Self-education! I love reading and teaching myself new things!

Coffee and wine, and anything gluten free I can eat!

Constantly learning to balance and rebalance my life as a first time mother

Trading time for experiences


I first began to study photography as a young kid, my father was a hobbyist that got me interested in learning the science of photography, and got me brave enough to switch out of auto mode! It wasn’t until I went to college that I began to study various facets of non-verbal communication and storytelling in portraiture, as well as the rhetoric of light and color.

My husband and I love to travel, and spent a few years wandering everywhere our wallets and vacation time would allow us to go. It was during this travel that my passion for photography reignited, and my loving and supportive husband suggested, hey.. why not? He saw through my self-doubt and fears and urged my to finally take the leap and begin my own photography adventure. I spent a couple of years learning and acquiring information, expanding on my knowledge from childhood as well as catching up with the ever changing technology… and I can finally say I am ready to launch!

I am so fortunate to have been able to learn from some professionals along the way, as well as different kinds of artists with unique perspectives. My background in the science of Communication helps me tell my stories visually, as well as successfully run my business- I love applying knowledge from other areas into my passions! I am so eager to provide our area and beyond with quality professional photography services as well as self-document some of the experiences of my family so that they may be shared and enjoyed by others.

Memories experienced are fleeting, but memories preserved will endure.



skogafoss- hannah connor photography
Skogafoss Waterfall- Iceland


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